Thank You, Tom Brady

Twenty-two seasons. Seven Super Bowl rings. First all-time in pass yards. First all-time in touchdowns. First all-time in wins. First all-time in win percentage. The list of badass accomplishments that will stand alone for many years to come could be a college thesis on its own.

The litany of accolades that Tom Brady owns goes on forever, but I am not here to shed light on those incredible achievements. I am simply here to thank the baddest motherf*cker to ever put a football jersey on. For the entirety of my lifetime, Tom Brady has been an active member of an NFL roster. Tom not only showed me, but he showed the entire world what it was like to have all the chips stacked against you and to overcome every obstacle in his way. Drafted 199th overall, backup to a “franchise quarterback at the time”, too slow, weak arm, blah blah blah; Tom Brady didn’t give a shit. For 22 years, all Tom cared about was bettering himself and bettering the people around him. He took zero shortcuts in his journey to greatness. He truly paved the way for everyone that comes after him.

So, Tom, I thank you. For showing everyone what betting on yourself can do. For breaking every Falcon fans’ heart (including my asshole friends’). For showing the world what true relentless pursuit of greatness is. For proving me wrong when I doubted you. For truly appreciating the greatest sport in the world. For making an entire organization better. For making me respect and appreciate what you had done because you did it for so long. For being the fiercest competitor to ever grace the Earth. And last, but certainly not least, for being the greatest athlete of all time. Hope retirement treats you well, if anyone has earned it, it’s you.


Palmer Henderson

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