The Lockout: A Baseball Fan's Nightmare

If you're a die-hard baseball fan like me, I'm sure life is pretty dry right now. Do you constantly wake up in the morning, jump on Twitter, maybe Instagram, hoping to catch the highlight videos of last night's ball games? Maybe it was that late inning bomb from Ronald Acuna Jr. Or could it have been that electrifying bat flip by Tatis after launching a baseball into orbit? Wait, no. Maybe you wanted to catch "Late-Night Lamonte" walk it off in fashion on the west coast. Yet, it is the offseason. So isn't this normal? If it doesn't feel normal to you, you're not alone.

As a lockout hovers above the baseball world, we miss out on lots of things. Currently there's no media coverage, no trade rumors, not even a simple post of a current MLB player. As apart of the lockout, Major League Baseball is not allowed to promote players or teams on any media platform. If you pull up you're favorite team's roster, you'll even find a blank avatar as the player's profile picture.

Rundown of the Lockout

As spring training nears, and little progress to be made, the Major League Baseball season is in jeopardy. The whole situation is a mess with the owners and the MLB Players Association. I'm not here to harp on each individual subject and disagreement between the two. However, the player's want a few things such as security for younger players, which will prevent teams from low-balling them on contracts at a young age. They also have proposed shortening the service time to reaching free agency, yet this will probably not happen. The MLBPA has listed a number of other issues that address tanking, a shortened season, and a universal DH. So far... the universal DH is about the only thing they can seem to agree on, which has now been set in place. Sadly, say goodbye to "Pitchers Who Rake". However, I think this is a good thing and as most of us on the podcast are fans in the National League, we'll be glad to see an extra power hitter in that lineup.

With that being said, there have been multiple meetings between the MLB and MLBPA and they have all been a waste of time.

What does this mean for the sport?

This is the discussion that I really want to have. I've read a number of articles, twitter feed, and even group texts from the boys. And they have all left a sour taste in my mouth. Everyone seems to think that this lockout is going to drive the fan base away from the sport. Now when I say "fan base", I say that with meaning. So, if ur a casual, and you are reading this... don't get your feelings hurt.

Baseball isn't meant for everyone! And by all means that is perfectly okay. But, as baseball fans, we know good and well as soon as they announce a new CBA agreement, we will be straight back to where we were. We'll be repping our team gear, tuning in for Opening Day, and already drawing up our playoff picture. So say they're right. The lockout ends up driving down the number of viewers for MLB games, hurting the fan base. Wanna know my thoughts? Go find another sport. We live in America. We are blessed with a number of different professional leagues that you can feel free to support. Also, if you're apart of the group that is in favor of shortening the length of games or the length of the season. Go find another sport. Because the true baseball fans enjoy every bit of that and I'm not gonna sit here while Rob Manfred and his colleagues attempt to ruin the game of baseball.

But hey! It's almost March and spring training hasn't even started... Am I worried? Disappointed seems like the better term. But for now, I'm going to sit back, watch some college ball, and wait for the greedy owners to give in.

Love me, hate me, that's my spill for today!

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